5 Ideas to Make Your Backyard More Interesting

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Having an interesting backyard is a good thing for several reasons, the biggest of which is your own satisfaction. After all, if you feel comfortable, excited, joyful, or inspired when you are there, your home becomes an even better sanctuary. To that end, you might want to consider a few ideas that will help you achieve this goal. These suggestions are quite simple to apply and you should even be familiar with some of them.

A lot of these ideas can be great for both you and the rest of the family, particularly with kids. For those who desire to feel at peace whenever they sip tea in their backyard, there are ideas for them too. For the most part, though, the main goal is to make your backyard more interesting without spending too much money. This can be done through more minute changes like adding landscape features, some minor decorations, and so on.

Wood Stump Pathways

While bricks, flat stones, and granite are often used to create stone pathways, wood stumps can work too. They can last much longer than many would assume and can add a natural look to your backyard. Even more important than that, though, is the fact that these stumps can vary in size and shape. As a result, you could have wood stump pathways that are non-uniform but look more suitable to grassy landscapes.

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On top of that, wood stumps can also be elevated to any degree that you want. As a result, you could have wood pathways that are taller than others and kids can hop on. This provides children with a fun way to get around the yard as long as they aren’t too tall. Doing this can even help them get more exercise since it encourages them to move their bodies around more. 

Unique Lighting

Backyards are often left unlit at night since it isn’t necessary to illuminate the area during this time. This is a shame since some of the most interesting moments can be experienced after dark. As such, you might want to employ some unique light sources to give your yard a special ambiance. These can be lamps, lanterns, neon signs, candles, and whatever else that you might come up with. 

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You could string them up and hang them via poles or tree branches as permanent fixtures if you want. You could also stake them into the ground and let them light up the grass and surrounding greenery. This could even allow you to establish a calming ritual where you go around lighting torches for a nightcap. There are so many ways you could use this method to enjoy the atmosphere or wind down before sleeping.

Water Features

Water has always been a major source of fascination for people, even those who are afraid of it. This is why a lot of wealthy figures often go out of their way to have fountains on their properties. To that end, you can do this too, but on a much smaller scale that won’t cost too much. This is where miniature ponds or cycling waterfalls can come in handy since they are often accessible by most. 

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You can find artificial ponds, wishing wells, and waterfalls in your local department or hardware store at cheap prices. If you choose to build the pond yourself, though, you would have more freedom to customize it. You could even have flowers and plants bobbing on the water using a floating platform if you want. Imagine how interesting an artificial pond with an even smaller artificial pond floating in the middle would be.

Wall Creepers

There is always something majestic about seeing creeping vines and ivy-covered walls and other objects in a home. They often give off a certain sense of gravitas and history with how they represent the passing of time. In a way, if your walls are covered by creepers, it means that it hides a lot of stories. This would then make your backyard a lot more interesting by the simple virtue of its existence.


Making this suggestion even better is the fact that you have so many options with regard to this matter. Many creepers are simple vines while others provide beautiful blooms that would take your breath away. When cultivated the right way, you could even shape these creepers in any design you want. Succeeding in doing so would also be a testament to your own virtues, skills, and patience. 

Building a Pavilion

You might have already seen them in Japanese and Chinese regions, but a pavilion is perfect for backyards. A cottage or a hut would work, but pavilions are often more multi-functional due to how open they are. You could bring out tables and chairs to relax for tea times or conduct an outdoor barbecue under them. They can also work as an outdoor play area for kids that is still protected from the rain and sun.


Aside from those factors, the great thing about pavilions is how open and breezy they are. With no walls to impede the wind and stump air circulation, it becomes much more breathable. This is important since other shaded constructs can be quite stuffy, hot, and humid depending on the weather. You won’t have to worry as much about these things when you have a pavilion. 


Your backyard can become a lot more interesting than it already is with a few simple changes and renovations. Many of these are easy to access since they are already available in stores near you. Using these suggestions, the time you spend in your own yard can be more fulfilling than going out. So go ahead and see which one of them meets your preference. 

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