5 Actionable Tips To Boost Your Fitness Plans This Spring

How to get back in shape

As the spring sets in, you will want to step up your fitness initiative that is most likely to be off-track after a long and lazy winter. Even if you have been regular through these months, there are good chances that you carry a few extra pounds and inches due to the holiday indulgence. Thankfully, going an extra mile with your fitness plan this spring can help you get back in shape without much work. Everything boils down to picking the right exercises and staying consistent. Here are some expert recommendations that can help you boost your current plan.

Start slow but go steady

Getting your body back into action after months of inactivity may sound like a challenge, and you will need conscious efforts to do it. But the best way to do it is by starting slow and going steady with your spring fitness plan. Rather than jumping right in, start working out 3-4 times a week on alternate days. It will curb the fatigue levels and improve the chances of adherence. Once you are in full swing, you can exercise every day.

Have realistic expectations 

Even as you get back into action, you must have realistic expectations. Overexerting your body isn’t the best way to make up for the missed sessions and indulgences during the winter. Ease yourself into a routine and take a holistic approach to fitness with attention to diet and mental wellness as well. It will be much easier to get results if you choose the relaxed approach. 

Avoid exercising in pain

Getting back to the gym or racing track after slower months makes you prone to minor pain and soreness initially. Runners can try Groin Kinesiology Tape to protect the groin area because it is the most susceptible one. While this supportive aid goes a long way in getting you active again, you must pay attention to your body signals. Sharp pain and prolonged soreness could be the signs of injury and require medical diagnosis and care.

Get professional advice

The transition phase is never easy, and even the fittest people may have trouble getting back on track. A professional trainer can recommend a revamp for your current program so that you can move over smoothly. Your fitness levels will not be the same, and it is vital to bear them in mind while designing the new plan. Discuss your goals and expectations with the trainer, and they will have the best program for you.

Vary your workouts

Your trainer will suggest varying your workouts because it can help you in more than one way. A mix of activities, such as running, hiking, biking, weight training, and boot camp classes can boost performance and limit the risk of overuse injuries. Different activities use different muscles, so they will spring into action without exerting a specific muscle group.

Spring fitness is all about getting back into action, but you have to do it smartly. Opt for a smooth transition rather than a quick burst of activity. Be consistent, and you will surely see great results. 

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