4 Signs Your Senior Loved One May Need Help at Home

Just as your parents lovingly took excellent and loving care of you as you grew from a child into a teenager and then guided you, as best as they could, through adulthood, if you are lucky enough to have one or both of your parents alive and well, you will undoubtedly always want them to be happy and healthy.

If your parents still live entirely independently in their own home, or else one or both live separately, it would be pertinent to be aware of the main signs your parent, or indeed any other senior loved one may need help at home. 

Their Bills are Piling Up

Hopefully, your loved one is as on top of their outgoing payments and other financial obligations as they always were in the past, but if you do find missed payments, this may be cause for concern.

Perhaps they are simply finding new systems too complicated to use, or else maybe they have lost track of what they are obliged to pay every month. Either way, a nurse from a reputable company, such as Skylark Senior Home Care, can help them get organized.

They Seem to be Isolating Themselves More & More

Even if, earlier on in their life, your elderly family member or close friend has never had a huge social circle and an active social life, you will still be able to tell if they appear to be isolating themselves from others and generally withdrawing from society. 

If invitations to social events are being declined, or even more suspiciously, ignored entirely, it may well be time to sit down with them and in an informal and relaxed manner, speak to them about how they are feeling and if they are coping. Suggesting a medical professional or indeed at-home care worker visit them once or twice a week or more could well make a difference in conversation, community, and inclusion. 

They Are ‘Letting Themselves Go’ Aesthetically

When it comes to personal hygiene and appearance, if your loved one has, in recent months or even weeks, stopped taking pride in their appearance and appear as if they have not washed for a couple of days, this is one of the main flags that they need at-home help. 

Matters regarding cleanliness and hygiene are naturally sensitive and, as such, approaching the subject should always be done with tact and in private. Professional care workers can make a huge difference to not only how your loved one looks, but how confident they feel in themselves.

They Are Losing Weight & Missing Meals

One of the signs that your loved one requires help at home which should not be ignored for any length of time is when they appear to have lost interest in cooking for themselves and are losing a noticeable amount of weight. 

In this situation, you must contact your loved one’s medical doctor, as well as either place yourself, or another family member of a registered nurse in a position where they can help and encourage your loved one to eat properly once more. 

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