4 Essential Things to Know About Cloud Automation

The era of cloud computing is here, and the future of the web looks bright. 

Statistics show that 90% of companies are already on the cloud. It only shows that companies have already embraced this breakthrough in information technology (IT).

Trends in cloud computing show a significant growth every year ever since its conception. This kind of automation allows companies to maximize their cloud environment.

Many companies across industries are enjoying billions of dollars in revenue as a result of cloud automation. There is 75% of IT executives that have implemented this platform reported that their business’ income, customer experience, and agility have shown impressive growth.  

The benefits of this automation are undoubtedly clear. Businesses must make use of it before they get left behind by the more technologically advanced competition.

If you are planning on implementing automation in your organization, arm yourself with this essential information:

1. What is Cloud Automation?

It is a software solution that automatically controls the configuration, installation, and management of the cloud environment. It uses technology to make the right business decisions that utilize the right cloud computing resources.

It is a challenging and complex task to orchestrate all modules in a cloud computing environment. It entails installing and deploying servers, virtual machines, and storage clusters. These resources need extensive management after deployment to ensure that they perform at an optimal level.

Several organizations find cloud computing to be too complex and time-consuming to be managed by humans. It is where cloud automation fits in the picture. Its ultimate goal is to make cloud management as efficient and quick as possible.

This automation encompasses the following IT activities:

  • Security compliance
  • Data backup and storage
  • Code deployment
  • Changes in configuration and settings

2. What is the Role of Cloud Automation in DevOps?

Companies use Development and Operations or DevOps as a method to streamline the process of developing and releasing apps and web services.

In this fast-paced digital age, old approaches do not work anymore. DevOps needs to be paired with a technology that will allow it to reach its potential and maximize its control and agility. Cloud automation is the perfect technology to match the DevOps capabilities.

It provides centralized control over consistent deployments while keeping up with DevOps’ real-time flexibility and speed.

3. Cloud Automation Makes the Cloud Environment Safer

Some people are wary of cloud services for fear that storing sensitive data on a cloud may make it more vulnerable to malicious attacks. On the contrary, it is safer to save them in a cloud environment. With the implementation of this kind of automation, backups and updates occur in the quickest way possible. Thus, making it near to impossible for security breaches and malicious attacks to happen.

4. Cloud Automation Gives You Better Control

These automation technologies give IT professionals more power and influence over digital resources. It allows the identification of business processes and procedures so that modification is accessible when needed.  

This predictability is essential, most notably sin organizations that are regularly audited and monitored for industry compliance.

Without a doubt, cloud automation is the best way to transform an organization digitally. It will optimize all company resources resulting in increased efficiency and profitability. By arming yourself with the correct information, you are well on your way to having a company prepared for the future.

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