3 Symptoms of Stress to Watch Out For

3 Symptoms of Stress to Watch Out For

Everyone deals with some amount of stress in their lives. A rough week at work, upcoming tests, or a sick family member are all things that add to our daily worries and struggles. Stress comes and goes naturally throughout your life, but it turns into a problem when your health starts to suffer for it. If left unchecked, stress can affect your physical and mental health. This is when you know it’s time to try something new. Take care of yourself and learn to recognize these symptoms of stress to watch out for.

Trouble Sleeping

A good night’s sleep is necessary for a healthy lifestyle. Unfortunately, excess stress commonly leads to insomnia and other sleep disruptions. Worries, obsessions, and even physical pain associated with stress can keep you up at night. This, in turn, causes you to feel exhausted the next day, making your stress levels even worse.

Breakouts and Other Skin Problems

Your skin is often an indicator of your overall health. When you’re stressed, you’re more prone to issues like acne or eczema. Part of this comes from touching your face more whenever you’re stressed out. However, studies show that stress can also trigger your body to release hormones that cause or worsen inflammations, breakouts, and other conditions.

Increased Substance Use

There’s nothing wrong with drinking responsibly or using prescribed stress or anxiety medications. However, increased substance use is one of the most serious symptoms of stress to watch out for. When a few drinks turn into a few too many, it means you’ve created an unhealthy coping mechanism. Substance abuse often leads to addiction and its effects, which are dangerous in their own right. Additionally, as substance abuse isn’t a constructive way to cope, it often leads to even worse levels of stress.

Fortunately, no one has to go through stress alone. When you notice excess stress starting to take over your life, don’t be afraid to seek help. By creating a support group out of loved ones and professionals, you can find healthy ways to take care of your mind and body while better managing stress whenever it appears in your life.

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