3 of the Best Physical Therapy Treatments

3 of the Best Physical Therapy Treatments

There is a wide variety of therapies out there for you to try. These options help you find a treatment that is optimal for treating you, as well as to make you comfortable while in therapy. Make sure to explore your options to find the best physical therapy treatments for you so you can recover in peace.

Therapeutic Exercise

Different programs are designed to exercise different muscle groups; therapeutic exercising is the universal first attempt for most therapies with its ease of access. Exercise is easy to set up and promotes a healthy body and general wellness all around for the patient. Stretching your muscles and flexing your joints is the simplest, and often times the most reliable approach to physical therapy.


With the use of high-pitched sound waves, they can be applied to specific muscles in the body to promote circulation. Ultrasound waves can also be used in tandem with exercising therapy to enhance its effectiveness. With the method of healing for ultrasound, many people have reservations about using it, thinking that it may have detrimental side-effects. There are some aspects of ultrasound to know before using it as treatment, but it carries very low risk.

Hot and Cold Therapy

Utilizing both a hot and a cold pack, physical therapists can the difference in temperature to treat different problems in the body. Specialists use cold backs in order to reduce inflammation and swelling in soft tissue. This is done by constricting the blood vessels through the application of cold packs. Conversely, heat is used in order to loosen up muscles and tissues that are tight and constricted. This increases the mobility of muscles and decreases muscle spasms and pain in the joints.

Whether you decide to try ultrasound or to go the route of simply exercising first, there are programs out there that can be tailored to you. Consult with your doctor on which is the best physical therapy treatment for your situation

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