3 Alternatives to Soda That Are Perfect for Summer

3 Alternatives to Soda That Are Perfect for Summer

Summer is a time of festivities and celebration, and with those come lots of delicious foods and drinks for you to try. Many Americans reach for packages of soda whenever they fill their grocery carts for the next big gathering, but we all know that’s not the healthiest option. Soda is full of artificial sweeteners and additives such as high-fructose corn syrup that offer no nutritional value and that can even have negative health effects. Giving up your favorite ice-cold summer drink can be difficult, but you have plenty of delicious—and healthy—alternatives that will make the perfect additions to your cooler or picnic table. Check out these sweet and refreshing alternatives to soda that are perfect for summer.

Stay Cool with Iced Tea

For many people, iced tea is already a summer staple. This cool drink is versatile, refreshing, and incredibly easy to make on your own. You can turn any flavor of tea into an ice-cold pick-me-up. Caffeinated teas work well if you’re missing the energy you get from a glass of soda. If you want something sweet, add a little sugar or honey to your tea. You can also add a slice of lemon for an extra boost of summer flavor.

Experiment with Juicing

If you’re looking for more creative alternatives to soda that are perfect for summer, why not turn to the fresh produce you have in your home? Fruits and vegetables make delicious and nutritious juices that are the perfect drinks for summer. With bold colors, naturally delicious flavors, and dense amounts of vitamins and minerals, natural juices are great choices for any diet. You can also experiment with more unique ingredients. Sugarcane juice is a naturally sweet and energizing drink that offers tons of health benefits. Whether you invest in your own juicer or stop by your local juice bar for a treat, this is a great drink to add to your summer diet.

Get Colorful with Flavored Waters

Water is the best way to stay hydrated in the summer, but not everyone wants to drink half a gallon of water every day. That’s why flavored waters should be on your summer menu. Powder or liquid flavoring products can add color and taste to any boring glass of water, making the task of staying hydrated much more enjoyable. This is also a fantastic way to keep the kids hydrated during those hot summer days.

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