12 Bad Habits That Kill Your Metabolism

There is a perception that metabolism becomes slower with an increase in age. This perception is 100 percent true and research has confirmed that a decline in basal metabolic rate is directly associated with age. 

Other than age your daily habit also plays a role in draining your metabolism as well. Research paper writing service prepared a few habits that you need to cut down if you want to keep your metabolism and energy levels intact. 

1. Skipping Breakfast: 

Breakfast is important to set the tone of your day. Having a great breakfast activates your metabolism system that is slowed down during sleep. 

The message that the body receives through breakfast is that there are a lot of calories coming its way for burning. Skipping breakfast sends the message another way around that it needs to conserve the rather than burn the incoming calories. 

2. Wrong Breakfast: 

What you are eating in your breakfast matters a lot as well. By having a sugary donut or a muffin you are getting yourself ready for the crash. Better to have some protein-filled breakfast or fiber food. 

3. Sitting Too much: 

Sedentary routine gets your body into energy conservation mode that can affect your metabolism. Sitting too much throughout the day from your office chair to car and then on the couch at home is not a great habit and you need to avoid it for your metabolism. 

4. Missing Strength Training: 

Cardio exercise is great and it burns the calories quickly, but once you are done with exercise, calorie burn returns to normal. 

While muscle strength training burns the calories for a longer period as after exercise muscle needs more calories to repair itself.  It keeps your metabolism better. 

5. Not Enough Protein: 

Protein is important to build muscle and to sustain a healthy weight. We have explained the role of muscle in metabolism already. 

Also breaking protein requires more calories as compared to fat or carbs. So getting the right amount of protein will improve the digestion system as a whole. 

6. Not Drinking Enough Water: 

Research has shown that drinking 500ml water increases the metabolic rate by 30 percent. That increase due to water lasts for more than an hour. So keep yourself hydrated and boost your metabolism to stay healthy.  

7. Stressing Out: 

An increase in a stress level makes the body to release a hormone named cortisol. This hormone creates all those things that affect the metabolism negatively such as reduced sleep quality, decreased desire to exercise, and craving for comfort food.  

Keep in mind managing stress is not only good for mental health but metabolism as well. 

8. Eating Refined Carbs: 

Research has revealed that the people who consume refined carbs burn few calories as compared to the people who choose to eat the low carb diet. 

As carbohydrates are important for energy so better adopt the unprocessed and fiber-rich carbohydrates rather than refined carbs. 

9. Swearing Off Dairy: 

Recent research, published in Nutrients journal, has shown the people who have a high intake of dairy products found to have the lowest obesity rates. 

Dairy products are metabolism boosters because they contain calcium and protein. The important thing is to keep in mind that intake the calorie fat count within recommended guidelines before deciding to take the dairy product in each meal. 

10. Sleeping in a Warm Room: 

Sleeping in a cool room, means Air condition in summer and turning off the heater in winter, increases the brown fat. 

This brown fat burns the calories to keep your body warm thus resulting in better and improved metabolism. According to the research ideal temperature is 66F (19C). 

11. Not enough Sleep: 

One bad sleep is enough to make you overeat, feel sluggish, and impair cognitive processing. Add this to many nights and think of the effects it can have.  

Science has confirmed the hormonal imbalances and decreased metabolism due to inadequate sleep. 

12. Regular Consumption of Fast Food: 

Higher the fat content in the food, the more time it will take to digest. Fast food adds a lot of calories to your body and makes metabolism to crawl. 

Keep yourself away from frequent fast food for your own sake. 

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