10 Effective ways to lose belly fat

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In today’s age of underwear models and ripped actors, everyone is busy working a job or working on their businesses or even studying. And these add up to a huge load of stress on your shoulders and stress can lead to an unhealthy stored up fat. And we all know stress tends to trigger cravings which in turn lead to compulsive gluttony of comfort food, and all this is leaving you with less and less time for you to hit the gym or maintain a healthy calorie deficit diet.

If these were not already bad enough, the worst thing about this lifestyle is that you are forced to swear off one of the few wholesome pleasures of life and no one should feel the need to deprive oneself of the joy to reflect on society’s expectations of a perfect body or even person. With that said, the lower your waistline, the better your health in mind and body.

When we are talking about exercises, there are many types, for different applications of physique morphing. Some want to lose weight, some want to gain weight, others may want a very bulky physique, some even require strength for their passion or hobby and mostly for professions. If you’re looking for easy belly fat exercises, then you came to the right place. Without any further ado, let’s hop on to the exercise list


This is the pinnacle of all the different kinds of aerobic-based training. It helps you build lean muscle, shed fat, increase endurance and greatly increases the explosive strength of your muscles and these workouts can be designed to target the entire body or keep it all legs or all upper body or full body, WHICHEVER you prefer. 

”HIIT’ stands for High-Intensity Interval Training. These are popping up all over YouTube and celebrities and athletes have been doing it for roles in films and shows and to reinforce performance in competitions.

You perform repetitive strength training or aerobic exercise for a period of 20 to 60 seconds, then take a water break(10 to 20 seconds), then start another exercise, which will be followed by a few more cardio-intensive exercises of your choice. Simply, it’s a mini compilation of multiple cardio exercises. 

By not doing the same move repeatedly throughout the entire session, you are maximizing the muscle groups that are engaged and the limiting motion of the same muscle groups in the same pattern ensures maximum efficiency spread out to all the muscle groups involved.

Jumping Rope

Growing up, jumping rope turned into a transformative hobby that I enjoyed. It greatly impacts my journey to define my abs. Skipping gave me great calf muscles and spiked my endurance level greatly. Jumping rope is a favorite for all boxers. The best part is, it’s the most fun and easy exercise to do at home to lose belly fat.

There are many ways of jumping rope. Everyone knows the basic one, however, it is highly advisable to not focus solely on just one variation. Mix it up for the most fat-torching effects. Now, grab that rope and start jumping.

Stair climbing

This is a simple repetitive exercise for you to do at home. The title is self-explanatory. All you do is run up all the stairs and your rest period is you getting down the stairs because let’s face it, getting down on a flight of stairs hurriedly is fun and it won’t tax your recovery for the next round. 

It is recommended to start stretching the entirety of your lower body and warm up by walking up a flight of stairs the first round. 

Jumping Lunges

These are super brutal and highly taxing on your fat reserves. But the overall motion is very simple and easy to do. All you need to do is get into a push-up position and then stand up and jump imitating a 3- pointer basketball shot and then jumping to the horizontal position again and repeat as fast as you can.

Netflix & Walk

This is a no brainer. You play whatever you want to watch and just walk around the screen with no breaks. 2 back to back movie sessions will leave you around 700 calories down and it’s almost effortless. The excess sweating will also clear out your pores and will further smoothen it.


The mechanism of the training is to amp up your overall burn effect(depending on how intense the swimming sessions are), which is the continuation of fat burning up to 24 hours post-workout by driving the metabolism so high and constantly maintaining that elevated state of metabolism by working out in intervals. 

A healthy 160 pounder can expect to burn an approximation of 420-450 calories an hour with moderate intensity, and if you perform vigorous hour-long swimming will scorch 700+ calories. 


It is very similar to a HIIT program, with the key difference being the varying exercise that is assigned to all the individuals and the diet associated with that particular workout regimen. Another plus point about CrossFit is that it can be implemented in just about anyone’s lifestyle. From beginners to pros who have been at it for many years. Even varying body types is not a factor here.


Yoga is the hermit of all exercises. They are very zen and puts your mind to ease and helps you focus. It has great toning and strengthening effects, which you just can’t deny, even if you don’t have very intensive cardio in your routine.

Mountain Climber 

As the name suggests, your body will resemble that of a hiker climbing a mountain. Instead of being vertical and facing the mountain, you will be horizontal, facing the ground. Rapidly and alternatively start moving your lower legs as fast as you can. Do this for 20 seconds and take a 10-second break and start again and repeat a total of 5 sets. You will see why climbing mountains require immense physical strength and see its worth as one of the best easy exercises to do at home to lose belly fat.


This one is another personal favorite. Mountain climber is an equipment-free, freehand exercise but it will give you a run for the money. Pun intended. This meticulously sculpts your lower body and obliques, while burning the fat covering them. Ask For Loss belly fat here.


These are the 10 best stamina and strength inducing exercises.  I have been doing from mid-teenage years till this date and they are easily one of the best fat torchers and good for your heart health and diminishes your chance of getting diabetes. The best part-all the release of sweat and testosterone is that it cleans up your skin and makes you feel great by lifting your mood. And you can do them whenever, wherever, with no gym equipment, whatsoever. 

To get the most out of the aforementioned exercises to do at home to lose belly fat, you can try incorporating supplements and practice intermittent fasting or even a keto diet. There is a saying-‘Abs are made in the kitchen’ so diet is a super important factor, so is sleep. Without sleep, your body will not burn fat or build strength as efficiently as it is meant to be.

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