Allegheny County Bar Association Combines all Bullying Prevention Efforts Under Bar All Bullying

Today the officers of the Allegheny County Bar Association announced that the bar has combined its bullying prevention efforts for local schools under the theme “Bar All Bullying” to focus more attention on this critical subject.

The association currently offers two free educational programs for primary and elementary schools.  This is a Joke—Making Fun of Others is Not! teaches children in grades K-4 the difference between a good joke and a bad one, why making fun of others is wrong, and why it’s our differences that make us special.  Don’t be a Cyberbully!, currently being offered for grades 5 and 6, cautions students about using technology to make fun of others or to pass along inappropriate comments.  The association’s children’s book, “That is No Joke!”, which was written and edited by two bar association directors, continues to have a national and international presence.  Requests for the book have come from across the United States and from several countries, including Australia, England, Canada, Singapore, and China.

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Celebrating National Doctors’ Day

Today, Mount Nittany Health celebrates doctors. National Doctors’ Day, held March 30 each year, is a special opportunity for healthcare organizations, patients, and colleagues alike to thank physicians for their dedication in keeping us healthy.

At Mount Nittany Health, they’re recognizing the more than 250 credentialed physicians who provide high quality care to our region’s residents. Within Mount Nittany Physician Group—one of the largest multispecialty groups in the area—they’re celebrating the more than 70 physicians who provide care throughout 20 specialties and 15 locations.

Each year, The Foundation for Mount Nittany Medical Center hosts an annual Doctors’ Day Appeal, encouraging individuals to respond with a tribute gift recognizing their physician. Last year, the average gift to this appeal was just over $116, with donors designating funds to the programs of their choice, but ultimately advancing care at Mount Nittany Medical Center.

While these special men and women deserve recognition every day, all are encouraged to take an extra moment on March 30 to thank a physician. For those interested in paying tribute to a physician in celebration of Doctors’ Day—or anytime during the year—through a gift to The Foundation, please contact The Foundation office at 814.234.6777.

Visit to learn more about Mount Nittany Health’s mission to make people healthier.

The Give-Back Program

Screen Shot 2014-03-26 at 3.04.41 PMThe effects of aging could make some seniors feel they can no longer give back to their community or help family and friends.   

The “Give-Back” program is a series of activity resource sheets for caregivers and care community activity professionals who are trying to help keep even frail and isolated seniors engaged and provide them opportunities to help others. Some projects can be adopted by an individual; others are ideal for group projects or as a meaningful activity with friends.

The need to be needed does not diminish with age, experts say. Keeping seniors connected and giving back might even help them age with better health, and help reduce feelings of isolation and depression.  The Home Instead Senior Care® network has captured simple and adaptable ideas from seniors and care community professionals to create the “Give-Back” program.   Older adults across North America are proving that – with a little help – seniors can still make a difference.

Giving Back to the Community

Giving Back to Senior Care Communities

Giving Back to Children

Giving Back a Talent

Giving Back Holiday Cheer

Giving Back to Those Who Served Our Country

If you’re a family caregiver who needs help keeping your senior engaged, contact your local Home Instead Senior Care office to learn how a CAREGiver could assist you and your senior. 

CAREGivers from Home Instead Senior Care can make a difference in the lives of older adults and their families by providing support with activities of daily living to help keep them independent for as long as possible.  For more information about Home Instead Senior Care visit or call 1-866-996-1087

Air Quality in Pittsburgh

Dear Editor,

As a student at the University of Pittsburgh, I am concerned about the air quality in Pittsburgh and what it will mean for my generation and those to come if something isn’t done to address the problem.

We, as residents, students, or visitors to this great city, can make a dent in the air pollution if we do one simple thing –  Limit our energy consumption. This can be done by recycling products that would otherwise be made in a pollutant-spewing factory, turning off the lights, and unplugging your phone charger when it’s not in use.

Another avenue for improving air quality is to have our Representatives support and pass clean air legislation. Our state legislature has been making positive steps in this regard, but more needs to be done. Interest groups can act as an alarm mechanism for politicians, alerting our Representatives of active shirking from environmental legislation, whether it be the power plants or the bureaucracy itself failing to comply.

We can also regulate our car companies, pressuring them to produce more environmentally-friendly vehicles. I believe that the freedom for one to drive a gas-guzzler, undermines the freedom of others to breathe clean air. If you support cleaner air, contact your American Lung Association in PA to see how you can help.


Nick Voutsinos
Stevens, PA

The Case of the Lateral-Limb Lymphedema

Sally is a 62-year-old woman who had a mastectomy for stage IIB left-sided breast cancer. She had preoperative chemotherapy followed by the mastectomy, at which time she also had a prophylactic simple mastectomy of her right breast. She completed postsurgical radiation therapy six months ago and is in for a routine follow-up appointment. You begin to prepare her right arm to draw blood for her lab tests, but she stops you, saying that you cannot draw blood from either arm and she doesn’t want it taken from her foot.

What Would You Do?

Read more at the Oncology Nursing Society website.

Fitzgerald, Health Department Announce Historic First for Allegheny County Every Monitoring Site Meets PM2.5 Air Quality Standards

Allegheny County Executive Rich Fitzgerald and the Allegheny County Health Department today reported that last year, for the first, time every air monitoring site in the County met all federal standards for fine particulate pollution (PM2.5).

“We are very proud of this milestone and I commend the Health Department and the Board of Health for their diligence in continuing to work towards better air quality for our county,” said County Executive Fitzgerald. “Working cooperatively, we can continue to improve our region’s environment by taking advantage of opportunities provided by our partners in the foundation community, business community and environmental community.”

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency sets standards for “criteria” pollutants that look at the impact of pollution levels on public health. The annual standard for PM2.5 is 12 micrograms per cubic meter, set in 2012. It tightened the previous 2006 annual standard of 15. The 24-hour standard is 35, set in 2006.
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Putting Out “Good Vibes”: Health Ph.D. Unlocks Secret to Harmonious Life

When you think of having a good relationship with another person, “good vibes,” “being on the same wavelength,” and “resonating with someone” are all ways to express this exact feeling. It’s something that we don’t even think about. But what is the actual science of “good vibes”?

Brett Wade, Ph.D. and author of the new book, The Ekahi Method: Master the Waves of Life, might be able to explain. In his groundbreaking Ekahi Method (“ekahi” meaning “one” in Hawaiian) he explains how, much like radio waves, human beings are always on their own frequency. The harmonies between different types of people, things, and environments are what we refer to casually every day as “good vibes.” In this fascinating new book, Dr. Wade teaches you how to find the energies (and people!) to which you are most in tune.

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Make Any Daddy Super Daddy with Unique Dad-Centric Products by Daddy & Co.

Screen Shot 2014-03-14 at 5.35.18 AMToday’s Dads aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty.  So give them daddy gear they can rock in style and be proud to call their own.

Daddy & Company’s cohesive line of durable and innovative products provides dads in every stage of fatherhood a way to proudly proclaim, “I’m the Daddy!”  From comfy one-of-a-kind delivery day scrubs to everyday baseball caps and diaper packs, Daddy & Company will keep him confident, organized and ready tackle any super-daddy situation from the delivery room and beyond.

Who said baby showers can’t be about daddies too!  Daddy & Co.’s DaddySwag Gift Set is the ultimate shower gift and includes everything a dad-to-be needs to prepare for his role as # 1 dad.  With everything from a cool coffee mug, awesome pens, and stylish sunglasses to the popular and super comfy daddy scrubs, this set will have everyone smiling and leave no doubt come delivery day of who’s the daddy.  Ian Ziering Daddy of the year (2013) is a celeb fan and supporter of Daddy Scrubs!

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Attention Science Fair Alums

Did you build your first volcano, a particle accelerator, or a giant model of the Solar System for the Buhl Science Fair or the Pittsburgh Regional Science & Engineering Fair?

The Pittsburgh Regional Science & Engineering Fair is looking for you!

The Science Fair is celebrating 75 years of competition in 2014 and is looking to reconnect with past Science Fair participants.

Past participants will be invited to a special tour of the 2014 competition on March 28, 2014, at Heinz Field; attend the Science Fair awards ceremony for recognition as a past competitor on March 29 at Heinz Field; and mingle during a special celebration following the awards ceremony at Carnegie Science Center.

Connect with old friends, explore new frontiers of science, and reminisce about Science Fairs gone by. Even if you can’t attend any of the 2014 alumni events, we’d love to reconnect with you!

For more information on these special opportunities only for Pittsburgh Science Fair alumni, visit

Pittsburgh Comedian is Finding Strength in Dark Humor of Cancer Battle

Pittsburgh comedian Matt Light doesn’t have to be reminded that cancer is no laughing matter.

After the frightening health journey he has been on for the past year, the West View native and 2007 North Hills High School graduate knows that well.

Yet, Light, 24, has found surprising strength in the dark humor he has mined and shared with his audiences while successfully battling a fairly advanced Hodgkin’s lymphoma, a cancer of the immune system.

When the bad news from test results came via phone last July — during an open-mic comedy night he was emceeing at the BeerHive in Pittsburgh’s Strip District, no less — it hit him hard. He told co-owner Joe Robl that he had to leave, immediately went home and stared at the floor for three hours, contemplating the worst.

Read more at the Tribune-Review website.

New Reality: Consumer-Driven Healthcare

In a changing health insurance market, payers used to marketing to employers are finding consumer engagement is the new name of the game. Prior success with marketing to groups doesn’t predict insurers’ ability to win over customers. And with 50 million new customers expected to enter the post-reform individual market, insurers face a massive adaptation test.

Specifically, payers have five key challenges in the consumer-driven market, according to a new white paper from Infosys Public Services. They include:

  • Acquiring and retaining new members through multiple channels;
  • Changing business models from employer-centered (B2B) to consumer-oriented (B2C);
  • Competing on value and consumer-focused offerings;
  • Differentiating with unified customer experience across the lifecycle; and
  • Engaging customers to reduce costs and improve health outcomes.

To meet these challenges, payers must show customers the value of their products, equip them to make informed insurance decisions and secure their commitments to personal health, said Infosys, a business consulting and technology solutions firm. That may be a tall order given low levels of health insurance literacy.

Read more at Fierce HealthPayer.

Improving Balance and Preventing Falls Through Strength Training

DrWarrenBy Dr. Ramona Warren

As people age one of their biggest fears is falling and losing the ability to care for themselves. This is a valid fear since government records show that between 30 and 40 percent of people age 65 years or older fall at least once each year. Bone-breaking falls are one of the most common reasons older adults are no longer able to live in their own homes.

Falls are also the most common reason for hospitalization in older adults.   When there are fractures involved, especially of the hip, it can be particularly dangerous. As many as 25 percent of people with hip fractures die within one year.

Read the rest of the article at Pathways to Healing.

Staying Safe With Space Heaters

It’s a great time of year to stay inside and stay warm. But careless use of heating equipment can quickly turn your cozy night indoors into a disaster.

During Burn Awareness Week, Feb. 2-8, West Penn Hospital’s Burn Center would like to remind the public that winter months are a dangerous time for home heating fires. Their toll is substantial: According to the U.S. Fire Administration, in 2011 heating equipment was involved in an estimated 53,600 U.S. home structure fires, with 400 deaths, 1,520 civilian injuries, and $893 million in property damage.

“Space heaters, by far, pose the biggest hazard in this cold-weather season,” said Ariel Aballay, MD, medical director of the Burn Center at West Penn Hospital, part of the Allegheny Health Network. “Space heaters or wood stoves cause up to three-quarters of home heating fires in the winter months.”
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AmeriCorps Members Available for Community Service Placement

Pittsburgh Health Corps Seeking Host Sites for Highly Motivated Members

The Pittsburgh Health Corps (PHC), a local affiliate of the national AmeriCorps community service program, is seeking host sites where PHC members may be placed to complete their service commitment for 2014-2015.

Host sites will be provided with full-time, highly motivated PHC members interested in careers in public health or healthcare who contribute 1,700 hours of community service over a 46-week period from September 2014 through July 2015.

PHC is administered by the Allegheny County Health Department and aims to promote healthier lifestyle choices and improve access to health care by enhancing the capacity of community- and faith-based organizations.
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25 Things I Know Now That I’m 60

Before I turned 60, I had moments of dread unlike any big birthday before. The others had a fun factor — at 50, the jokes were about reaching the half-decade mark. At 55, I was double nickels. The only “joke” about turning 60 was my proximity to declining health. Not funny at all.

But, as I discovered, turning 60 is a huge milestone — one to be embraced. It’s the beginning of a decade informed by wisdom, self-acceptance, love for family and friends, and best of all, great discounts that make me proud to be my age.

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